What the hell does she know!?

Basically I know nothing lol!

I called my blog  “find the one”. Not because I know everything about this subject but more about wanting to help others in their quest. And if I feel like this subject is so fascinating I can surely find others​ out there that would want to join this conversation. 

If you were 19 what would you like to know about life and relationships? What would you say to yourself?

Well it’s a lifelong journey. To find who you are and then find your partner.

When I was single. I was so bitter I could not even look at another couple holding​ hands or kissing. My heart would break a little. Why not me!

And why not me… people would say. You’re so pretty how come your still single! This is the single most annoying thing to say to someone. If I knew, you don’t think I would of fixed it. Jeez! I would dread family gathering. My baby cousin was engaged. I was still the poor single mom that couldn’t land a guy😐

Once an older lady told me. Well you know it doesn’t happen for everyone.

Oooh well thank you for that! (Rolling my eyes) I couldn’t feel any smaller. I even went to a medium who told my mom he couldn’t do her reading cause he could literally feel my pain from out in the hall where I was sitting. Like omg! He literally hypnotized me to be able to break free from this awful guy I was holding on to. And yes! It did work.

My 20s were definitely a time of painful growth in this area. But I started taking control of my life and my destiny. I asked God where is he? I’m waiting and I am ready!

You’re life is your responsibility! Take control! 

Invision what you want! These are the first steps. The work is all within yourself. Not Tinder not Snapchat not Instagram! These are all outside things that suck the life and energy out of you! Look within yourself and visualize the life you want.

And the longer you resist the longer it will take to be the best you you can be.


Your thoughts become things.

If the universe was created from a thought. Then it would only be logical that a thought will manifest in your life. Right?

Something so powerful and so simple all at the same time. If you search for something I presume you will eventually find it. The question is do you want to know? Do you really want the very thing you are looking for? Well, if you’re already doing the actions of searching for an answer that kinda says it all!

The question is are you manifesting this thought into your reality?

Thoughts become things…

One of my girlfriend was 8 months pregnant at that time let’s call her Nicki. She called me one night sobbing uncontrollably. My heart sank. What’s wrong? She asked if she could come over. I immediately said yes of course. Once she got to my house. I sat her down. I told​ her to calm down that it’s not good for the baby. Take deep breaths​ Nicki! So where is your boyfriend right now? She replied. I don’t know. He’s the problem! Ok…well whatever it is it can be fixed. Well unless he’s cheating I jokingly said.

Ummm big mistake! Well he is she said. What!!!!

My heart sank! Omg! 8 months pregnant. How could he do this. How did you catch him? And what did you find?

Well I was looking through his phone and…

Ok. So this my initial thought. Why are you searching? So I asked her. She said well I keep having this thought I keep have this feeling so I started looking. If you search and you find something usually it’s must be a good thing. Right?! If the vibration you are receiving and it tells you to search. I think. Yes! You will receive what you asked for.

So in this situation are you happy to know!? No. Of course not. In a vulnerable situation as pregnancy this is probably the most devastating event that can happen. I felt that pain and it is probably the worst pain an individual can go through in a relationship…but I can tell you.

Your are not alone. 

Don’t ever be embarrassed. 

It will get better. Thoughts becomes things!

Start thinking I AM HAPPY and very soon you will be again. Because if you then use this powerful​ thing like your  thoughts​ and search for it. For positive things to manifest in your life this is proof that it will happen.


Hi my name is Sarah!

This is my first post. To be honest it kinda feels silly like who is really going to read this!? Lol

I’m a at home mom of 2. I follow this woman on Instagram she has 6 kids and a successful business and she is always talking about the Secret and how it changes her life. So I started to listen to her mentor. Bob Proctor he’s been teaching all over the world about paradigm. Im literally glued to my YouTube listening to him. Basically, it’s about the laws of attraction. What you put in your mind will come to you in life.

There’s​ 3 elements. Money, relationship and weight​ (health). Only 3% of the population knows of this powerful tool to unleach yourself from the negativity.  Basically, to reprogram your mind. So…here I am putting myself out here!! Starting something new.

Why did I choose “find the one”. Well me and my girlfriend let’s call her Candy always discussed this subject. What else!? Men and dating. Hours and hours of analysis, research and talk therapy! If we had studied this in school we would definitely be at the PhD level by now! Haha

We always said we should put our stories together. It would definitely be a bestseller! So I am using the paradigm and making our first steps​ in telling our stories. Funny sometimes sad but always uplifting.